I Didn’t Ask for This: Mothering Through Trial

I’ve spent the last few months fluctuating between feeling gratitude and frustration.I’ve felt so grateful that the Lord has prepared me through previous experiences for this current trying time. Yet, I’ve felt so overwhelmed that I’ve cried out that I didn’t ask for this and I don’t want it anymore.  Our youngest child was born … Read more

We’re All Just People

I read a post about motherhood today. One where the author insisted that though she often felt the need to justify it, she was not “just a mother.” It’s not the first post I’ve read like that. It won’t be the last. But today I really got thinking. She is no more “just a mother” … Read more

A God Who Mentors

I am a believer in doing God’s will. I believe in doing hard things when God inspires it. I believe in approaching God in prayer and asking what He wants us to do. So often when we approach God in prayer we feel like He is asking us to let go of what we want. … Read more

Trusting God in Motherhood

A letter to my daughter We found out we were pregnant with you in June. It was warm. I was with the kids in Utah, visiting our family. Dad was starting his new job in Ohio. And even though Dad and I felt overwhelmed by having so many kids to love, we loved you already … Read more

How to Teach Kids to Be Grateful

I am so excited for this month! Our gratitude traditions are already in full swing, and I am happy to report they are working. If you want to know how to teach kids to be grateful, you may be in the right place. All of our toy catalogs came the last few weeks and my … Read more

Measuring Success with Love

How can we possibly measure success with love? I’m still figuring that out. But I wanted to share an experience I had that helped me learn that the best approach to feeling accomplished as a mother is by measuring success with love. An Early Morning My toddler wandered in during the darkness of early morning … Read more

Walking with God in Motherhood

I want to share today how God can individualize our motherhood. I feel like I talk a lot about walking with God in motherhood. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how the revelation and help He gives is individualized to me. If my motherhood is completely the same as someone else’s then it isn’t mine and … Read more

Finding Joy in Intentional Motherhood

Learning how to shut out the ideas of everyone else and use my individual strengths can be really hard for me. Anyone else ever overwhelmed by the pictures of mothers picking apples or baking with their kids or all the activities their kids are involved in and feel a bit inadequate? Comparison has been a … Read more