Necessary Skills for Kindergarten

If you look up research done in preschool and kindergarten classrooms, you’ll discover that their abilities to read, write, count, or identify patterns is only indicative of how well they do on tests. But the future success of our young children is closely linked to their social-emotional skills. A recent study found that fourth-graders “who … Read more

The Divinity Within Us

Peter jumped out of his boat three times to follow the Lord. He leapt from the side and swam to shore when he recognized the resurrected Lord on the beach. Is that how we will respond when we meet the Savior, running to his side? Before that Peter stepped out of the boat and walked … Read more

To My Children

Dear daughter, you have been blessed with a mother’s heart. It is beautiful to watch you take a toddler by the hand and lead him, to watch you gaze with wonder and adoration at babies and do all your little body allows to care for them. God has blessed you with a love for children. … Read more