A God Who Mentors

I am a believer in doing God’s will. I believe in doing hard things when God inspires it. I believe in approaching God in prayer and asking what He wants us to do. So often when we approach God in prayer we feel like He is asking us to let go of what we want. We change our plans and talk about how God’s plans are better. Yet, I really don’t like when people say God’s plan for us is so much greater than the plan we have for ourselves. Because I believe in a God who mentors.

Ignoring my role in the plan God shows me negates a specific principle that I believe with all my being:

I believe if you could remember who you said you would help while you are here on earth, or what anguishing experiences you agreed to go through, that whatever really tough situation you are presently in—or will be in—you would say, “Oh, now I remember. Now I understand. This difficult situation makes sense to me now. With the Lord’s help I can do this!”

Wendy W. Nelson, Hope of Israel, June 3, 2018

A Mentor for this Earth Life

I truly believe that before I came to Earth, I knew what I would experience and who I wanted to help. In prayer I catch glimpses of the woman I truly am: the woman from the premortal world who fought against Satan, accepted the Savior, and decided to come to Earth at a time when wickedness is rampant and goodness is essential. That woman is my innate spiritual self. And she doesn’t want anything different than what God wants.

When I learn about my Heavenly Parents, I feel that they want to help me become who I planned to be on the Earth. When I learn about my Heavenly Parents, what I feel most significantly is their ability to mentor. They strike the perfect balance between allowing agency and offering loving guidance. And that is why I trust them.

I trust that the revelation I receive from Heaven will help me become who I want to be. Who I want to be. My God is a God who mentors me in becoming who I want to be.

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