A Newsletter without Fail

I wanted to send out a newsletter every month this year. I was doing really well until July. We were visiting family for most of June and I didn’t quite get enough done to have a lesson plan ready to send out on July 1. I tried to have it ready by the 2 and then the 5, but it just didn’t happen. So I dropped the whole thing. I haven’t looked at it since July 3. Because if I couldn’t write a newsletter without fail, was it even worth it?

And yesterday as I was contemplating whether I should try to pick it back up again, I remembered something. I had a religion course in high school. The teacher asked us to set a goal and that we could do every day and to be committed to it and really do it every day. I chose journal writing and made a point of writing every day. But the day came when I forgot.

I failed the goal. The goal was every day and I missed a day, so I dropped the whole goal. It wasn’t until months later that I realized writing the rest of the days, even missing another day or two, would have been beneficial. And that I had truly failed when I had given up.

And here I see the same tendency in myself. I’m not the most consistent blogger. When it gets tough to make the deadlines I set for myself, I give up. But after today I think I’m recommitted. I don’t have to be the most consistent for it to be meaningful. Each blog post is not made better because it was written on a specific day or followed the last at an exact timeline.

My first goal is to be the best mom for my kids. That is my role right now. But mostly I want to do what God wants me to do. And I know he wants me to write. I’m going to stop letting my perceived inadequacies run me off course. I might not always write a newsletter without fail, but I’ll still send out that newsletter that I’m behind on, and I’ll keep on going.

If you want to join the newsletter list, click here. The next one will be a lesson plan for the principle “I Am Unique and I Have Divine Gifts.” Our family has so much fun every time we focus on this and I know you’re going to love the ideas.

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