About Me

Hi, I’m Brittney.

I’m passionate about helping parents become confident in their role as primary teachers of their children. When my oldest was young I felt unsure about sending him to public school. The older he got, the more concerns I had about the experience he would have a public school. Yet it seems that most of our society takes public school in stride without much thought, I felt unsure about choosing a different path for him.

By the time he was 4 1/2 I had prayed enough to set my worries aside. God had confirmed to me that homeschool was the right choice for us (but I won’t say that it’s the best choice for everyone!). Meanwhile, I still had lots of questions. To read how I got answers to those, read Making the Decision to Homeschool.

A few months later I felt this nudging from God to start a blog. It took a lot of faith, but I finally dove in. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write at first, but as we’ve continued on our relaxed homeschool journey, we’ve found joy, creativity, peace, and growth in simplifying. If you’re an overwhelmed parent/caregiver/person, I hope you can find hope here.

When my oldest was younger, I often felt overwhelmed. I felt like the world expected me to teach them reading, math, social skills, and physical coordination. And I sometimes felt the expectations were higher for homeschooled kids. I only had one school-aged kid, so he should be light-years ahead of the curve, right? Some of the young homeschool kids I knew, certainly were! And while I couldn’t see anything necessarily wrong with that, it didn’t feel right for our family. Trying to keep track of all the things had be getting overwhelmed quick.

I long-believed that my motherhood was closely linked with God, so I turned to him. I asked him what I needed to do. He has led me step-by-step through mothering and homeschooling my kids.

For us, it is all about simplicity. I know in my heart, in my spirit, in myself, that the most important lessons are family ties, faith, creativity, confidence, social-emotional development. That is where our focus is. When creativity leads to math–great! But if it doesn’t, I don’t stress. We’ll get there eventually.

Even if you have a more rigorous path, I hope you will find ways to create balance by reading here. I’m learning a lot as I read and learn about education, human development, childhood, and parenthood. The more I learn the more I want to share with other parents. To read some of the things I’ve learned check out these posts:

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