About Me

Hi, I’m Brittney.

I didn’t plan to write a blog. Sometimes we do things because it feels like the right thing to do, not because it was something we wanted in the first place. I was perfectly happy keeping my private life with my kids writing novels in {stolen} bedtime and early morning hours. However, as my oldest approached kindergarten age, I knew I needed to pull together my homeschooling philosophy. I had planned on homeschooling for a while and I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted that to look like: Christ-focused learning, lots of free play, allowing my kids to move at their own pace, and focusing on their strengths. But the idea of curriculum and planning was totally overwhelming. I knew of a friend with similar philosophies, so I checked out some of her Facebook posts (the Spirit is always willing to remind us of things when we need it). There I discovered Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd) and delved into their world of education philosophy. It was amazing. I found myself saying, yes, yes, yes!

The best part is it is completely personal, and the first place to start is focusing on your own education. So I set aside my novel writing and focused on reading, learning, and becoming. I set our home in order. I simplified and set up a schedule that allowed time for my education. And I love it!

But I had a hard time finding my footing with the kids. This education style is so different from mainstream and I wanted help, but the online resources were few and far between (but all awesome!). Then I got an email from a blogger recommending an email training course on starting a blog. God nudged me. I do my best processing while I’m writing and TJEd takes a lot of processing. Homeschooling takes a lot of processing. Parenting takes a lot of processing. So here I am.

This blog is mostly about my education journey with brief insights into how that helps my kids. I’m learning that this process is more about me {in an unselfish way}. How can I be a good mentor for my kids? How can I inspire them? Life is a journey and I may be a little ahead of my kids on it, but we all have a lot to learn. We follow the guidance of the Spirit together. I hope you’ll follow along with us.