Becoming Guide

I am passionate about every person becoming who God intends for them to be. To this end, I am creating a month-by-month guide of foundational principles that will help parents and children focus on the most important aspects of learning and development.

The guide includes topics we already work to teach our children: family responsibility, honesty, body awareness, goals, and creativity, but simplifies the approach by dividing the topics so we can easily focus on one aspect every month. The guide includes booklists, discussion questions, and activities that you can weave into your month whenever it is convenient. Use as many or as few of them as you want! 

Click Here to read more about what led up to the creation of this guide and the purpose of it.


August: I Am an Important Part of My Family

September: My Body is a Gift From God Especially for Me

October: I Am Unique and I Have Divine Gifts

November: God Has Given Me Stewardship over His Creations

December: I Can Have Charity–the Pure Love Of Christ

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