How to Teach Values and Make it Fun

So you want to teach values and you want to make it fun? You’ve come to the right place. The best go-to for all ages of kids is reading a book. If you need good book recommendations, check out my values book list. Books have such a great way of making values intrinsic. Books can … Read more

The Power of Mothers

Amid all the voices of what we should be teaching our kids, I just want to add something to consider: teach your kids that they are individuals, sent to Earth with a God-given mission just for them. This is where the power of mothers lies: in shaping a generation to live for Christ. A World … Read more

Goal Setting with God for Mothers

I want to share how I think goal setting with God can bless us as mothers. I’ve talked before about being led by God in goal setting as it relates to helping our children progress. But today I want to share an experience I’ve had in setting goals alongside God. My goals are often abstract. … Read more