It’s the Little Things that Matter Most to Kids

Why Small Home, Great Learning?

This morning, I read the story of Naaman and it reminded me of this blog. Sometimes, like Naaman, we are so willing to do the big things for the Lord. Volunteer for that church service project. Seek out the best schools for our kids. Find a career where we use our gifts and make a difference.

But then we let the little things slip. Those moments when our child comes to us while we’re making dinner, wanting to talk about a problem. When our kids see someone treated unkindly, and we have the opportunity to teach. When we can stop and snuggle and read a book and build a relationship.

Those moments are priceless. They are numberless. They are the moments that matter most to our families. These are the moments that create people of God, disciples of Christ.

I hope we take time for these moments today, and tomorrow. Before we know it, our kids will be adults, and they will come asking about bigger problems, if they have faith that we will listen.

Our Small Home: Where Great Learning Takes Place

This blog was founded on the idea that these small moments at home matter. Sometimes when we look out at the world, what we do at home seems to pale, but it shouldn’t! Jesus taught, healed, and blessed people one by one, and that is what we do at home. Home is where he wants us to be, teaching our children, blessing our siblings, helping our parents.

Home is where the greatest changes of heart happen. Home is where character is built. It may be influenced by what happens outside the home, but having a family to turn to, a place where the Lord is at the center, is foundational to who we become.

At Small Home, Great Learning, I’m encouraging parents to have more of the moments that matter most. And to be intentional about teaching their kids foundational principles, because sometimes it’s easier to have a plan. I’m going through one principle a month here and on Instagram. I’d love to have you follow along.

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