We’re All Just People

I read a post about motherhood today. One where the author insisted that though she often felt the need to justify it, she was not “just a mother.” It’s not the first post I’ve read like that. It won’t be the last. But today I really got thinking. She is no more “just a mother” than the next woman is “just an author” or anyone “just a mechanic.” Unless we’re all just people.

… “humans see what is visible, but the Lord sees the heart.”

-1 Samuel 16:7, CSB

If God loved us enough to send His Son to die for each of us, individually, without reservation or guile, then surely no one is “just” some profession. When I think of God sitting high in the Heavens, loving his children, I don’t think he’s counting our money. Or any other form of worldly success.

He’s looking in our hearts. And that can’t be measured by worldly success.

The Pressure of Success

That’s not to say I haven’t felt the pressure as a stay-at-home mother who makes no income. I have. Probably similar pressure to what an older person who can’t work any longer feels. Or someone laid up with a physical illness.

I’ve looked round at the people around me as a young mom with three little ones and struggled to make it through every day and wondered how other moms I knew managed to keep their houses clean and be involved in personal projects and reach out to help others.  And I’ve definitely wondered how they could be doing what looked like so much when what I was doing looked comparatively little.

But that’s the key: comparison.

Why do we even think our lives are comparable?

Absolutely no one has the same experience in life.

But all of our experiences, no matter how they look from the outside, can work inside us to help us become like Christ. And people showing Christlike love is something we can see.

Christian Love

I have seen Christ in my mother, loving her children and her neighbors with loyalty.

I have seen Christ in my grandmother, loving those who are different from her with compassion.

I have seen Christ in a doctor, loving her patients with advocacy.

I have seen Christ in a stranger, loving me without judgment.

If we truly believe that “life eternal” is to know God and Christ, then the best way to view others is by seeing the Christlike virtues in them. None of us will have it all together by all the worldly success measuring sticks.

But we will see Christ in each other. In our diligent efforts to bless His children we become like Him. The role we each take is different, but our efforts can all lead us to Christ.

So next time we think to judge someone by the work they are engaged in, I hope we pause to think, it’s a good thing God has someone to do this task. Because when it comes down to it, we’re all just people anyway.

And He is the Author.

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