Let Things Go: Praise for NOT Doing It

It’s a busy season over here. Busy might actually not describe this season. We are fluctuating between chaos and stumbling. And I’ve had to pare back on what I can do. And today I just wanted to step in and say, it’s okay to not do everything. It’s okay to let things go for a season.

Letting Go of Passions

Is it even possible? Won’t we lose a part of ourselves?

Maybe. And honestly, the only one who can tell you if it is a good time to let go of something is God. I’ve been on both sides. A time for letting go and reprioritizing. And a time for holding on to all of it and finding a way–whether asking for help or time management.

But right now we’re talking about when it’s time to let things go.

When my oldest was 4.5, I felt this push to let go of the writing I was doing. Something I didn’t understand, because I knew I had been led to it by God. But the impressions were unmistakable. I needed to spend more time focused on our current family needs. I traded my writing time for researching homeschooling. I found out I needed to get more organized to run my home more efficiently if it was all going to work. So I listened to God and I did. I learned a lot. I didn’t write as much. I was immersed in our family.

Just over a year later I felt pressed to start this blog. I didn’t totally know where it was heading, but I did it, and this has become an incredible creative outlet for me. (And I hope a blessing to you!) Writing in this space has answered some of the deepest longings of my heart. And I am so grateful God led me to use my experience in this way.

But it required me to step back for a little while. To let go of something else.

Right Now

If you’re anything like me, you’re getting worried that I’m saying goodbye. Settle down. I’m not.

But right now a lot of the mental energy I typically use to think about deep world problems, teaching our children, creating a better world, and living the Gospel wholeheartedly, has been rerouted. I’m having to apply my faith in profound ways in order to live my life a little differently than I was six months ago. I’ve used my mental energy to understand health problems and procedures, to prioritize my kids’ emotional well-being, and to reprioritize our family needs.

And this post is just about that. Sometimes we let things go for a season and then we pick it up again. And it’s refreshing and revitalizing and we bring new energy to it. I’m excited to do that here, when I’m ready. Some days I feel a lot like my old self.

And some days I feel like a completely new person.


At the beginning of the year, before my life changed so drastically, as I was considering my goals for the new year, God prompted me to prioritize doing things for myself. And I have. And it was the best thing I could have done this year. I have been writing (just not here). I’ve exercised more.

So if there is anything I want to say, it’s that God knows us. He knows when it’s time to let things go. He knows when we just need the strength to keep going. He knows how to meet us where we’re at. And He will guide us.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll bring to this space as my life continues to morph. But for now, know that I’m here. I’m writing and thinking and processing. And I miss you.

I’ll be back soon.

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