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It has been a rough week. I had a lot of doubts at the beginning of this week, whether my experience matters or is helpful to anyone. My husband was quick to counteract those thoughts. As was Darla’s post on Instagram, plus a few other posts I saw, but can’t find now. But those thoughts and concerns still took a toll on me this week and my motivation plummeted. We also found a house to move to… yay! But the sudden realization that we’re moving in a month and all that goes along with that was overwhelming—further disrupting the positive, hardworking roll I’ve been on for the last few weeks.

Yesterday I was definitely craving some positivity and some inspiration, like Rachel DeMille talks about: “after another day of going with the flow rather than choosing the better path… I remembered what I had been doing differently: during the several months of my success, I was getting daily ‘inspiration’ that motivated me and kept me focused on what I really want and need.” (This whole post is wonderful. You can read it here: Kindling, Carrot Sticks, and Kidschool…)

So yesterday I spent time getting inspired. I listened to Ralphie talk about positive parenting. Then I decided I would really hone in on what Ralphie teaches next week. Just for a week, I can be a super positive parent. And we’ll see where that gets us.

And this morning I read all about strength-based homeschooling, thanks to a link from Jamie at Simple Homeschool. I even created an animal activity for my son to help him learn the fifty states through his love of animals. (I’ve been trying to include study of the states in preparation for Independence Day.) This method of strength-based study goes really well with my desire to help my kids develop their natural talents.

Already I feel more motivated to be what God wants me to be. And I’m reminding myself to rely on the Lord because take care of my spiritual health.

And I’ve realized something—something that I know, but that I have to be reminded of often: positivity breeds positivity. I am so much more inspired when I focus on the good that I am doing. My kids are so much happier when I am focused on the good things they’re doing—and they actually do more good things!

So, in favor of focusing on goodness, I am sharing the schedule of foundational principles planned for August through December. Each foundational principle will include around three topics. The first topic will be really basic—a great place to start with little kids. The other topics will be slightly more in depth. Each sub-topic will include a list of concepts which are “I” statements, a list of truths we should be able to state for ourselves after studying the topic. After the concepts, there will be lists of different resources, including discussion questions, booklists, activities, and online resources. I hope all the resources will be helpful to you!

Here are the foundational principles:

August: I Am an Important Part of my Family

September: My Body is a Gift from God Especially for Me

October: I Am Unique and I Have Divine Gifts

November: God Has Given Me Stewardship over His Creations

December: Charity Is the Pure Love of Christ

I’m excited to finish up this guide and make it available to you! Look for updates on my Facebook page and here on the blog! You can also follow me on Instagram.

To read more about the guide: How to Teach Your Children Values.

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