The Best Kids’ Books for Our Homes

I feel it is an incredible privilege to be a parent right now. We have been given the opportunity to create an environment for Heavenly Father’s precious children. In a world that is often confused and in commotion, we can create a sanctuary for his children. One way we do that is by picking the best kids’ books to surround our children with.

Our homes can be safe spaces where the adversary cannot attack us. But we have to be diligent.

I am amazed at the diverse means and sneaky ways in which Satan puts ideas into our lives and homes. On Instagram I’ve been talking about our standards for books in our home. I feel like books is one way that parents are often thwarted in their attempts to give children peace in a troubled world. Books can have subtle messages. Books take a long time to preview. Kids read at school and in their heads, so we don’t hear what is going on like we do when they’re watching T.V. But it is important to be vigilant.

Today I’m sharing some things to consider.

I am definitely not suggesting that anyone needs to have the same standards as I do or that my standard is better than anyone else’s. What I am saying, is that it is worth the time it takes to research what your kids are reading and to find good books for them to read. Kids absorb so many lessons from books: how the characters treat each other, what the characters value, how the characters get what they want, what the characters do for fun, etc. And it is worth selecting the best kids’ books for your home.


What your goals are for your kids and reading. Kids are reading at younger and younger ages, and while there is nothing wrong with a kid who is two, three, or four to learn how to read, it definitely makes it more complicated to find books that are engaging and appropriate for them to read.

Our family has two goals: that our kids LOVE reading and that they recognize good literature.

I think wanting our kids to love reading is why we might slip in picking worthwhile books. We stumble onto a book they like that might not have the best values, but at least they’re reading. I promise, there are enough great books out there, that we can find things they like without compromising on good books. Here’s where we look for good books: The Good and the Beautiful for recommendations and Common Sense Media for quickly screening books. I’m also working on a book list, but it is still in the growing phases, so keep checking back.

My best rule of thumb is to make sure that whatever we are reading is bringing good into our home. Certain things are just not allowed-basically anything that portrays something bad as something good.

God is counting on us to give His children a place of refuge from the storm, that includes helping them seek out good literature to surround themselves with. Our homes may be small, but they are powerful and protective as we invite Him inside.

What are you doing to bring the best kids’ books into your home?

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