The Divinity Within Us

Peter jumped out of his boat three times to follow the Lord.

He leapt from the side and swam to shore when he recognized the resurrected Lord on the beach. Is that how we will respond when we meet the Savior, running to his side?

Before that Peter stepped out of the boat and walked on water. He faltered, but he walked. I’m not sure if I could stand even for a second.

But for me, the most awe-inspiring time that Peter leapt from the boat was when the Lord called him to “Follow me.” Without knowing what lay ahead, Peter followed, Andrew followed, James followed, and John followed. What inspired them to heed this call? I think they must have recognized the Savior in some way. It’s possible they had seen some of the first miracles and some of them had heard the testimony of John the Baptist that he was the Messiah. Something inside them must have stirred at his call, the divinity within them must have urged their willingness to forsake their work, their livelihood and follow him.

“I will make you fishers of men,” Jesus promised them, and he did. What joy they must have felt working for the Savior, gathering his sheep, teaching the gentiles, healing God’s children! Can anything else compare?

To Matthew the Savior only said, “Follow me.” Matthew was a tax collector, not a fisherman. What did the Lord say to him? I think it was something like, I will help you to value men the way you value money. The Lord takes our talents and our experiences into account when he calls us to work for him.

What is the Lord saying to us?

“Come, write for me.”

“Come, listen to me the way you listen to podcasts and music.”

“Come, teach for me.”

As we recognize the divinity within ourselves we will hear his call, and we will be inspired to follow him.

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  1. You hit the nail right on the head! I love the pic of your personal revelation. I know it comes! I know that as we pray we can get answers! I know He speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. “Come, follow me. Come listen to me. Come write for me. Come teach for me.” I love it 🥰


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