The Power of Mothers

Amid all the voices of what we should be teaching our kids, I just want to add something to consider: teach your kids that they are individuals, sent to Earth with a God-given mission just for them. This is where the power of mothers lies: in shaping a generation to live for Christ.

A World in Turmoil

As I scrolled through my Instagram feed last week, I felt all sorts of confusion and frustration. It only increased as the week went on. Among the posts I saw were ones proclaiming that the representation of Vice President Harris as a woman and a person of color matters and those claiming that we look at the character of people, not the color of their skin. (These two posts are just a couple examples. I am sure you saw many posts on your own feeds. I’m trying to show a representation of different feelings about this milestone, not a conclusive collection of the various opinions.) Among both post types were personal friends and people who made great points that had me wondering, what should I tell my kids about this milestone?

So I went to the Lord in prayer. Should I teach them that they can achieve great heights in society? But how can I not undermine their important roles as fathers and mothers? And how can I help them see that even if the opportunity for marriage is not immediately available to them that their contribution is still of great value? These are the types of things that worry me, being an advocate for children and families, I always want God and family to be my kids’ first priorities.

And as the thoughts have tumbled around this week and as I have prayed for clarity, I’ve remembered that my vision for my children is the best answer here.

My Hopes for my Children

I don’t care how much money my kids make, but I hope they will give of their want to those in need.

I don’t care what field they choose to work in, as long as they labor in the Lord’s vineyard.

I don’t care how much prestige they have, but I hope they always look up to God.

Whether my kids become stay-at-home parents or executives in large corporations, prolific advocates for civil rights or quiet nurturers in their own neighborhood, is up to God and to them.

But there are certain eternal truths I can teach them.

To You, Mothers

I truly believe mothers are one of the greatest powers God has on the Earth right now. I truly believe in the power of mothers. You are powerful in Christ. Do not underestimate how God will move through you to prepare your children for their divine missions. And how God will move through them to fulfill His work among humankind. You have an impact through your own mission, but I truly believe the biggest ripples are felt in the family, from mother to child. God will guide you.

The lesson plans I’ve been blessed to create are all about molding children who are prepared to do God’s work. You can get the first set of lessons about our bodies for free. It seems really simple to teach our preschoolers about their bodies, but it is foundational to them becoming who God intends them to be. A preschooler who learns to respect everyone’s body will naturally become a child who questions bullying, who will become an adult who fights trafficking.

These lessons are building the next generation who becomes who God intends them to be. More lessons to follow, so join the email list to be updated on all of them! Join us, as we lean to the Lord and rely on Him to help us teach our children. And let’s see what the power of mothers can do.

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