Values to Teach Kids: Preschool Lessons

You’ve reached the landing page for the free family preschool lesson plans to help you know which values to teach your kids and how to have fun doing it! Just put in the information below and the PDF will be emailed to you.

I know it seems a little exclusive to only make these available to you if you sign up for an email list. Let me explain.

I have been working on these lesson plans for years (Yes! Multiple. The others are still in process, but all future lesson plans will be emailed to those on the list–a few will be available this year.) Creating these values-based lesson plans has been an up and down process, but I really feel God has guided me to create something wonderful.

I have talked to moms who are really excited about this project. Over time I have given the opportunity to a few of them to test out different versions. I have noticed two things:

1) It is difficult for me to let everyone know when I have a lesson plan ready for use because of all of our fluctuating use of social media. (You can find me on Instagram and Facebook.) If you’re visiting here from Pinterest or the web, I’m so glad. Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to have you join so I can let you know when new lessons are available, as well. That said, I know you are all busy and I don’t intend to spam you with lots of emails. At this point I am only planning one email per month. 2) Without commitment moms are less likely to use the lesson plans. The email list will be a way for me to come directly to you and encourage you as you work on implementing these family lessons into your home. Future emails and lesson plans will include ideas for older kids, as well.

We have been teaching these principles in our home for a few years, and I’ve been so happy with the results. My kids have gained confidence and a desire to understand who they are and what God created them for.

Plus, we have so much fun doing these lessons together. I love feeling like I’m teaching important values to my kids, while we’re having fun together. These ideas are so easy to implement into your natural lifestyle, and I know you won’t regret the time you spend doing it.