What is a Divine Mission?

We were stuck. The flower centerpieces were not what my mom wanted them to be. They were okay. But okay for a wedding dinner with your son’s new in-laws doesn’t really cut it. She was desperate to make silk flowers work. We couldn’t afford real flowers, not with the other expenses. But these silk ones were . . . lacking.

I was visiting from out of town, getting help with my new baby and helping with wedding preparations in return. The next morning my sister and I saw my mom off to work, got the kids settled, and tackled the flowers. We could help her make this work, right? Tensions were high. Everyone had gone to bed frustrated the night before. Something had to give.

I pulled all the flowers out of the box and set out to make them look nice. A little while later my mom and sister approved the arrangement, and I started on all the centerpieces. In the midst of the hours I spent arranging flowers over the next day, my sister said, “Wow, I think you missed your calling in life.” My mom, sister, and even my aunts loved the centerpieces. I’ve always loved flowers, and I feel like God magnified my ability to bless us.

Did that mean I was meant to be a florist? No.

I like the term, “divine mission” better than “divine purpose.” Purpose seems to indicate one thing. I don’t think that everyone was sent to earth to accomplish only one thing. I don’t think anyone’s mission is so singular.

To me, a divine mission is multi-faceted. It is different today than it is tomorrow. Some days I focus on writing, some days on children, and some days on my own needs. I feel like all of these are part of my divine mission, and I feel like there are parts of my divine mission that I don’t know about yet.

I hope you don’t limit your divine mission to your purpose right now. There was a time when my purpose didn’t include writing or inspiring other people at all, because I didn’t have the skills yet to take care of myself and our family.

As I’ve grown in the knowledge of God and my relationship with him and in a knowledge of myself, my mission has expanded.

In our small home divine mission is an essential part of our experience. What is essential in your small home?

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